söndag 13 mars 2011


I have finally come to a place where I have painted almost all my figures. This doesn´t mean that I´m qutting the hobby, far from it. I am just in a form of balance where I can buy new stuff without having a bad conscience for letting my old figures go unloved. I´m not there yet though. I have several projects going and need various parts to complete my old projects that for some reason or other I have failed to accomplish.

I bought the "Assault on Black Reach" box and split it with an old friend and comrade in arms. It´s a terrific starter set for beginners but also a good way to add unique models to an existing army. This box contain everything you need to play a small battle between two armies, the mighty Space Marines and the always battle hungry Orks. I do play Space Marines but the models I was intrested in were the orks. I am two models away from completely having painted everything I bought in the box.

I have also finished my Death Watch Kill Team. Sort of. I am done with what I set out to do but I found a way to add three more members to that squad. I am also converting a Killa Kan (Orks) and have a cool idea for another Killa Kan so that´s another project to start on. I wasn´t satisfied with how my World Eaters (Chaos Space Marines) looked. They were the first models I ever painted and that´s about five years ago and since I have gotten so much better and much more efficient at painting I thought I would give them a make over too. They´re currently residing in paint remover.
My beloved Space Hulk box is a treasured possession of mine but I´m not happy about the look on my Genestealers (Tyranids) so I am going to give them a make over too.

These, in addition to a few pewter models, are my on-going projects right now. I know it sounds like a lot, and by every right, is a lot but I´ll get through it.

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