lördag 11 september 2010

Right wing politics

Election times are upon us once again and my lovely girlfriend found this lovely slogan by the liberalist party Moderaterna. For those of you who doesn´t read Swedish it says "Work leads to freedom" which another sign also claims (this one is in german and located in Poland).
Remember to vote people!!!

fredag 10 september 2010

2 days later!

A couple of days have gone by now and my branding is healing nicely. It doesn´t behave like a tattoo, but really, why should it? It is slowly leaking fluid but the swelling is going down. It is not very painful, except for the beginning and end of the day when I need to wash it.

It does feel really awesome and I am so very pleased with it! I´m definitely doing this again, and I´d even recommend it to others:-D!
It´s a little weird but every time I do some body art I get sort of a happiness-high and each one makes me want to do other things!

This picture makes it easier to see how big it is.

tisdag 7 september 2010


This is my first post that´s not about Warhammer. It´s also the first one I write in English, to get a broader reader range.

Last Saturday I went to Ed´s Kroppskonst (http://edskroppskonst.se/) to set a date for my first branding and today it was time:-D. It didn´t feel anything like I thought it would, but then again, I don´t know what I was expecting.
I did a laser surgery thing on a tattoo on my wrist a while back, to get it bleached so I could cover it up without it being visible through the new tattoo. The sensation of the laser is the closest I can compare the...needle thingie he used to.
In some parts of the sitting I didn´t feel it at all but in other places (often closly adjacent) it hurt like HMFSC (for those who know me:-P).

I am very satisfied with the result, even though it will take a month or so until it has healed enough to be able to see the real end result.
Comments and reactions are appreciated!