tisdag 7 september 2010


This is my first post that´s not about Warhammer. It´s also the first one I write in English, to get a broader reader range.

Last Saturday I went to Ed´s Kroppskonst (http://edskroppskonst.se/) to set a date for my first branding and today it was time:-D. It didn´t feel anything like I thought it would, but then again, I don´t know what I was expecting.
I did a laser surgery thing on a tattoo on my wrist a while back, to get it bleached so I could cover it up without it being visible through the new tattoo. The sensation of the laser is the closest I can compare the...needle thingie he used to.
In some parts of the sitting I didn´t feel it at all but in other places (often closly adjacent) it hurt like HMFSC (for those who know me:-P).

I am very satisfied with the result, even though it will take a month or so until it has healed enough to be able to see the real end result.
Comments and reactions are appreciated!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Det blev jättebra älskling!

  2. Fy fan vad avis jag blev nu! :D
    Den blev ju hur cool som helst!!!!
    Also, HMFSC!

  3. Rebecca Lindskog23 september 2010 22:44

    Det måste gjort kanonont på det stället?? Jag skaffade en tatuering på exakt samma ställe, för några månader sen och jag trodde jag skulle avlida!! Det ryckte i benen och jafyfan vad ont det gjorde!! Denna är riktigt cool, inte som en vanlig tattis! Snyggt! :D