lördag 6 augusti 2011

New and improved!

A new post with a new layout and new banners. A couple of months ago I finished the last of my old unfinished and unpainted models. It felt good. No, actually great! But I didn´t count on it being so boring not to have anything to work on. That´s the thing about life, I guess. You can´t see the forest until you´ve broken your nose on the branches.

My new project! A Space Marine Terminator Captain! I used the Marneus Calgar model since it really is awesome. With the new Fine Cast models I could´ve made it easy for myself but I bought the damn pewter one anyway. There where a whole lot of Ultramarine symbols to hide. I started by cut away the ends of his tabard but it didn´t look good so I made a new tabard of green stuff. I´m satisfied with the result even though I know there´s people out there who could´ve done it way better.

I have used lots of bitz for this model. I love mixing bitz from different places. I´ve started painting him and it looks awesome. More pictures are coming soon!

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  1. Skitsnygg ny layout på bloggen!

    Och modellen kommer bli sååååå awsome!!